In response to the gap existing for adequate human capital required to grapple with the challenges of industrial and labour relations in Nigeria and beyond, the Institute has commenced full streams professional certification programme in Industrial and Labour Relations (PCILR).

The program offers professional training and education opportunities to qualified individuals, equipping them withthe knowledge and understanding designed for effective discharge of roles as industrial and labour relations professionals in Nigeria, even beyond.This programme has gained the recognition of the Office of the Head of Service of the Federation viz., letter Reference No OHCSF/SPSO/11296/1/75 dated 8th February, 2019.

The PCILR entails four stages: Foundation/Basic Stage, Intermediate, Professional Examination 1 – (PE-ILR 1, Professional Examination 2 - (PE-ILR 2).

Eligibility criteria:

i. The foundation/basic stage is open to young school leavers who may desire to become professional trade unionists or employees in HR departments of unionized organizations.

ii. Trade unionists that desire to acquire deeper understanding of the theory and practices of Industrial Relations can also enter from foundation/basic stage.

iii. Also, trade unionists would be graded based on participation in MINILS training programmes, and provided they are able to show evidences of such courses they had attended in MINILS and some display of theoretical understanding, they would be accordingly placed.

iv. Individuals who have additional qualifications (tertiary education experiences-HND and above in Arts, Social Sciences, Law and other disciplines, cum other professional qualifications e.g. CIPM, NIM) would be admitted into higher grades based on their performances in admissions examinations conducted for the above purpose.


Those who pass the qualifying examinations at various levels would be designated as follows:

i. Associates of National Labour Institute for persons who have passed the PEILR 1

ii. Members of National Labour Institute for persons who have passed the PEILR 2

iii. Fellows of National Labour Institute would be bestowed on renowned trade unionists, HR figures for unionized organizations in Nigeria, academics who had contributed significantly to the growth and prominence of the field of Industrial and Labour Relations both locally and internationally.


The duration of the professional development programme depends on the level of commencement of an individual.

i. For persons who start from foundation – at least four years

ii. For persons who start at higher levels:
a. At least three years for PEILR 1
b. At least two years for PEILR 2
c. At least one year for PEILR 3.

Further enquiries:

Information about fees/registration procedures shall be provided on this platform soon. You may contact the following for more details – Dr. Adamade 08039404592; Mr. Ajayi Razaq 08062325807; Dr. Lawal 08062622334; Comrade Martins 08033698816.