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National Diploma Courses Offered by the Institute

National Diploma in Industrial & Labour Relations

The programme is designed to equip students with sound knowledge about Industrial Relations to enable them function in the capacity of representatives of workers associations, employers of labour and government officials for purpose of promoting industrial harmony and engagements.

The spate of industrial unrests in the country obviously demands the provision of qualitative labour education incorporating the theories and practical issues of workplace relations encompassing trade unions and management as agents of supposedly divergent interests – improved working conditions and enhanced profitability respectively.

Graduates of this National Diploma are expected to be in good standing to become experts in Industrial Relations and effective trade union leaders.They can proceed to study Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management, Business Administration and related fields in the universities.

National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Work should be in healthy, safe and protected environments with minimal hazards. Accidents at work and ill-health related to work-life hazards is a major cause of workers disenchantment and dissatisfaction and the demands for compensation by workers sometimes triggers grievance and disharmony.

Effective health and safety representation is gaining traction in labour movements. On the other hand employers require sound advice to make good decision on health and safety issues. This National Diploma would attend to the educational and developmental need of Health and Safety representatives in trade unions, enhance the capacity of Health and Safety advisors in HR departments, and further boost capacity of Labour Inspectors in the country.

National Diploma in Entrepreneurial Studies

Enterprise development is critical to national goals of increased jobs/employment, income security, inclusion and empowerment. Self-employed persons are among unions/labour constituents and developing entrepreneurial skills is the key to creating and growing enterprises to engage active youths, keeping them away from social vices.

This programmeaims to expose students to business and vocational skills so that they can become producers of goods and services based on which they create wealth from the abundant natural endowments in the country. Retirees, artisans, trade unionists and young school leavers can enroll to master the arts of starting businesses and growing them into sources of wealth.

National Diploma in Labour Law and Employment Regulations

The legal issues in employment and labour relations demand sound knowledge of labour laws. Trade unionists and employers have to operate within the ambit of legal provisions governing employment relations so as to mitigate unfair labour practices and guarantee productivity improvements.

The knowledge of labour law that this diploma programme would afford students would serve to enhance trade unions leadership as well as the capacity of legal counsels, HR practitioners and administrators in both public and private sector organizations to function effectively. The programme is suitable for matured people who may require added qualifications to gain promotion and advancements in respective related careers.